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Monday, January 31, 2005

I Hate TeleTech

Louise thank you for your apology, but some very old wounds have been opened.I am glad to hear that you, Kim and Donna have all made up! I guess you don't recall the hardcopy email I brought to you when the Kim/Donna team referred to you as Louweasel. I'm sure I could find it if you need a refresher. You said then that you really did't care what they said - good on you.Donna, as far as Louise's hurt - blurt about me dissing you, like I haven't heard from a number of people as to how you put me down. But hey, you were my "professional" boss so you had every right. I'm sure not much has changed, you'ld still rather complain to everyone except the person involved in order to avoid conflict.One question you never did answer is why you and Kim singled me out to be the unneccesary second T.C.? You were well aware of the fact that Kim falsified my Excel test although you were conviently in Timmins at the time. Are you aware of how many qualified people left TTech because of this?I can still access all the email that you and Kim included me in on where you both are putting down just about everybody. Contrary to what Kim said I never deleted anything by mistake - It was all saved to a PST file. Kathy Roy's wardrobe and teeth, Lynn Webster - well neither of you ever stopped. Sharon Marunchak's eyes (sorry Kim - wrong again it's thyroid not haemorrhoid) You two didn't leave anyone out!The friggin' audacity of the two of you! Kim your skin looks like you bobbed for french fries last Hallowe'en and Donna dear from what I hear you have bloated up enough to have saved everyone from the sinking Titanic! As far as me not contacting you again - no problemo! You can have my IM and email blocked. Just ask Kim I'm sure she can help you there too.Kim, the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me wasn't the slaps or the throwing of coffee but listening to you and Aaron Wright (a student, of Six Sigma not a cofacilitator) sharing someone else's test results and literally calling him an idiot. Not to mention that you held the fact that you falsified my test results over my head everyday.Sorry babe but I had the misfortune of working (with?) you for almost a year and you quite frankly couldn't train a cat to piss in a house plant! How often did you tell me (after coming back from Orillia and Timmins) that those f'n idiots can't grasp a f'n thing! Process Princess, how many times did you alter Corporate processes (and documents) to suit your own needs? I have proof! Youl'd tell me that you had created something then I'd go to it's properties only to find that you didn't.I am happy to hear that the Sudbury site of the "Corporate Coven" has convened and are finally cooperating. Sorry about the alliteration. Oops again, Kim! A word with more than two syllables.As I said to Donna on our first IM - Teletech is behind me.
Good bye and good luck to all!


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