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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Killer Kool-Aids?

Okay, I was fine with the lemon scented furniture polish but I think things are getting a tad out of hand not to mention dangerous.
What the hell is with orange coloured and scented Pine-Sol and Fantastic?
Then there is now "Green Apple Lysol"!
It goes without saying that we are ultimately responsible for keeping cleaning/dangerous products from our children.
But if anyone who has been the charge of a toddler knows that eventually and inevitably they will somehow get into something/somewhere they shouldn’t. Regardless how vigilant you are or how well you’ve battened down the hatches.
What’s next? "Apricot Anti-freeze"? Ask any delirious, staggering house pet and I’m sure they’ll attest to its sweetness. Would it take that much effort/cost to make it less attractive/tasty? .
"Jelly Bean Javex"? Or just, "Blueberry Bleach"?
"Lime Liquid Plumber"?
"Candy Cane Clorox"/ "Comet"?
"Watermelon Windex"?
"Grape Gasoline"?
Why not just plain old "Strawberry Sulphuric Acid?
What ever happened to good old soap/vinegar and water? If you clean on a fairly regular basis and these toxins wouldn’t be necessary.
You want your home to smell "orange fresh"? Peel one, hand it to your toddler and trust me any room that child enters will smell like orange!
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