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Monday, January 31, 2005

Mr. Roger's neighbourhood - NOT -Updated

What is a concerned citizen to do?
Approximately a month ago on a Wednesday night around 9:PM I called 911 to report a break and enter in progress. I witnessed a few people leaving my neighbour’s apartment with all of his electronic equipment. I knew my neighbour was at work at the time and from the whispering then shouting to "hurry the f’k up" I suspected criminal activity. I called Crime Stoppers first but was put on hold. I then called 911.
The 911 operator took my detailed descriptions as well as the location and direction of the suspects.
Over an hour later, after calling my neighbour at work (Robert stated emphatically "Don’t call the cops whatever you do I have 5 huge pot plants in my bedroom closet. – Too late.) Waiting for him to return home, I called the "non-emergency" number to see if there was ever going to be any follow up on this. I was rudely informed that "life and death situations take precedence over property". (No kidding?)
Within minutes of my call back, I was given the privileged services of two cruisers and four officers. Two remained in the alley across the street and two came up to have me reiterate for over an hour the exact same things I had told the 911 operator. (Meanwhile the real victim of the crime Robert was waiting downstairs in his apartment) I surmised that the "life and death situations" that required all on duty officers an hour before had been resolved (or perhaps resolved themselves?)
Tonight I called the "non-emergency" number for the Sudbury Regional Police to report some vandalism. (After calling CrimeStoppers and being put on hold.)
There were two "kidiots" throwing beer bottles against the sides of buildings and onto the street in front of my apartment building. They appeared to be underage and obviously inebriated.
Halfway through my description of the offenders I was interrupted by the operator who was more interested in MY name, address and phone number. The operator then told me that they were extremely busy. (Granted, it was a Saturday near midnight) She then asked if I’d like to have an officer visit. I declined and told her that they seemed to have more bottles and were heading up MacKenzie towards Kathleen. (If there was an available officer - send him/her after the kids!)
I do not normally call the police over what I would consider trivial matters. I have been sucker punched; accosted, harassed and even had bottles throw at me from drunken fools leaving the Grand Nightclub on more than one occasion. Those sorts of things come with the territory.
My concern is how the now infamous Donovan has encroached this once quiet and respected area of town.
For example the exemplary citizens who allow their packs of half-bred Pitbulls and Rottweillers crap in the middle of the sidewalk. (Yes I have called Animal Control because a free roaming Pitbull attempted to attack another neighbour’s small dog and there were young children playing in the back)
I truly hope that the term "Police Services" doesn’t become as much of an oxymoron as "Health Care" has here in Sudbury!
My suggestion is to open a doughnut franchise in the Donovan. The response time would increase exponentially!.
Saturday, November 6, 2004.
Tonight at about 11:30 p.m. I called Crime Stoppers to report three inebriated young males driving away from a party. (My sister was killed by a drunk driver 3 minutes from home)
Crime Stoppers suggested that I call the police because the accused "would have to be caught in the act".
I called the local "non-emergency" line and gave the vehicle descriptions (all suped up Honda’s) one plate number and the name and address of where they left from and in which direction they were headed. I also informed the operator of the name and address of one of the car owners. (Party host Adam)
This whole process took almost 30 minutes.
I told the operator that they were probably headed to "The Grand" which is about (well, in their case a 30 second drive as they were racing) 5 minutes away. "Parking not included".
I should probably have reported this the first couple of times it happened but I lacked any vital information.
In order to have my complaints heard by someone, I called the "non-emergency) number again and asked if there was an Email address I could send this diatribe to.
This "police services" operator said "I don’t know of any email addresses or exactly who you would talk to?"
I then asked for the name of the Chief of Police. (Which I knew) She replied "uh, Davidson? Davidson yeah Ian Davidson and the Deputy is Cunningham. I can’t remember his first name."
Wednesday, December 23, 2004.
Yet another futile effort dealing with the Sudbury Regional Police and Crime Stoppers.
My neighbours (and friends) have been having a difficult time with the aforementioned Robert . (The individual that I reported the break and enter for.) His music is always too loud! Starting anywhere from 3 am to 10 am, pretty much every day from what I’ve been told.
Craig, the complainant finally decided to register a complaint with the police. He came to me asking advice due to the fact that our Landlord Louis DeLongChamp never does anything except say, "call the police".
Although I may be implicating myself in something, the night of the B and E, the same Robert seemed somewhat panicked due to the fact that he had pot in his apartment. So I volunteered to take his plants out for him. Knowing absolutely nothing about Marijuana or any other drugs I just assumed it was for his own use.
Approximately a month ago I noticed quite a few rather young kids coming and going from the building around 2:30 – 3:00 P.M. (Right after school? We live a block from Sudbury Secondary) Then there were kids showing up at all hours in Taxi’s. Some had obviously come on foot, as they would be hanging around the very small, unsecured lobby of the building. Nobody ever stayed anymore than a few minutes. (The cabs would wait) The proverbial piano finally hit me on the head and I realised that Robert was dealing.
Craig’s "noise complaint" call was the impetus for me to finally do something. I had told Craig that if and when the police showed up, to give them my name as a co-complainant and that I had other information about Robert. They didn’t bother walking up the stairs.
Craig had informed the officers that did show up that he had suspected drug activity.
Their concern was the noise issue – period. They spoke to Robert, gave him a warning and left.
I called the Sudbury Regional Police Complaint line saying that I would like to add to the original complaint that was called in to voice MY concerns of the suspected drug trafficking.
The operator/officer that took my call, audibly sighed, informed me who to speak to and that he was on duty until 2 A.M. I was put through to Constable Brouillette’s voicemail.
After waiting an hour and a half I called back (at 1:45 A.M.) and was informed that Constable Brouillette had left for the night. Because I had previously mentioned that this was a drug-related call this same operator/officer gave me Sergeant Orsino’s voicemail. I left yet another message.
As a last resort I called Crime Stoppers again stating the fact that I was making no headway with the local police. This very cordial lady took all the info she needed thanked me and assured me that she would inform the proper authorities.
I am sure by this point of the night/morning Robert has clued into as to what is finally coming down (That the other tenants of this building will not tolerate his illegal activity nor his irresponsibility or lack of respect for others.) and is perhaps getting rid of all "evidence" as I type.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005.
Another fruitless night dealing with the local chapter of Regional Police.
I called the "Non-Emergency number again to report obvious drug dealing. I spoke with Officer Watkins. Nice man, lots to say and plenty of time to chat – desk duty I presume.
I informed him of my previous attempts to contact Officer Orsino or anyone else on the "Drug Squad".
Officer Watkins informed me that "Oh they must have all worked dayshift. Officer Clark was here but I don’t see him around now." Orsino? Ah, he’s seldom here. I’ll give you an extension number (6326) that you can leave a message on. Officer Landriault might be in tomorrow."
I explained the situation to Officer Watkins again. (Beginning of the month heavy trafficking etc…)
Could this "Desk duty Officer" not relay a message? Take my number (again) and have someone call me at his or her convenience?
As for the local Crime Stoppers – what a laugh! Quite frankly in my opinion if Paul Brokenshire has anything to do with it will eventually render itself useless or become corrupt. I reported him DUI with a City of Sudbury van over ten years ago.
My current concerns are the increased amount of vandalism, traffic (and Trafficking) noise, garbage but most of all the drug addicts lingering in the lobby waiting for Rob to show up.
This is a small eight-unit building. I pay good rent and would like to feel safe as well as have a modicum of dignity when my friends and family come to visit. (My cousin will not bring my goddaughter here again)
I can neither afford nor want to move as I like the location (generally) and my apartment itself. (I’ve put quite a bit of work into it)
What’s next?


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